Jimin Sees Each BTS Member Like A Different Type Of Family Member

Which member is like his pet?

Jimin once revealed that when he looks at his BTS members, they each have a unique relationship with him that resembles different family members. Check out who he compared each person to below!

1. RM

Jimin views RM like an uncle.

Since RM leads the members but also likes to joke around, it seems like a good description!

2. Suga

To Jimin, Suga is like a grandmother!

He’s mature and respected by everyone — and sometimes he just needs some peace and quiet.

3. Jin

Jimin said that Jin is like an older sister to him.

Sometimes, Jin can nag the younger members, but he also takes care of them well!

4. J-Hope

J-Hope is like an older brother to Jimin.

These two funny guys are constantly goofing around!

5. V

For Jimin, V is like his little brother.

Despite being very close in age, Jimin always protects V and cheers him up when he’s sad!

6. Jungkook

Lastly, Jimin said that Jungkook is like a pet to him!

It makes sense since Jimin plays with the youngest all the time and thinks he’s just too cute.

Source: Nate Pann