BTS Jimin’s Gamer Personality VS His Real Personality Is A Whole New Kind Of Duality

Fans found out that BTS’s Jimin and Gamer Jimin are two extremely different people.

When BTS‘s Jimin meets ARMYs in person, he’s the sweetest angel on earth. When he meets fans in a game, it’s a very different story!

Recently, Jimin’s true “gamer personality” jumped out when he used V‘s “TATA” ID to play a multiplayer shooter game with ARMY. When a fan refused to follow his orders, Jimin brought the “bang” in Bangtan!

Here are 10+ of the best fan reactions to Jimin’s trigger-happy side.

1. Narrator: It was at that moment ARMY knew “TATA” wasn’t V

2. Thankfully, it’s not the other way around!

3. He protecc, he attacc…

4. Listen or die. It’s that simple.

5. This accurate reenactment

6. No mercy!

7. Fall in line or suffer the consequences

8. Dashi run, run, run!

9. Let’s just say they have very different gaming styles

10. Next on the list of “things I’d never thought I’d say”

11. The true heir of Slytherin

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