BTS’s Jimin Had ZERO Chill While Gaming With ARMY

When Jimin logged into PUBG with V’s ID, things got crazy.

If there’s one thing Gamer Jimin doesn’t tolerate, it’s disobedience!

Whenever a BTS member logs into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it’s usually V. He often invites fans to join him in this online battle royale game during his free time.

So, when fans saw V’s player ID (“TATA.”) pop up, they assumed V had come to play with them once again. It didn’t take long, however, for players to notice something off about V’s gameplay. (It was much worse than usual.) It turns out that Jimin was the one behind the screen!

I am Jimin-ssi

— TATA. (Jimin)

At one point, players say that Jimin gathered up ARMYs and ordered them to stop fighting. Make friends, not war!

One ARMY, however, refused to listen. Instead of lining up properly, the fan reportedly jumped around, ignoring him. So, what did Jimin, the sweet pacifist, do? He said this…

…then killed that ARMY with a headshot! That’s what you get for being defiant.

Fans weren’t expecting this sudden attack, but they’re loving every chaotic second of it! See more of their reactions here.