Here Are 5 Of BTS Jimin’s Most Unique Habits That Are Just So Him

Once you realize how much he does #5, you can’t unsee it!

BTS‘s Jimin has a few quirky mannerisms that only he does. Check out 5 of the cutest things he does all the time that you may or may not have noticed!

1. Squatting when he sits

Jimin can be found squatting at any given moment.

Instead of sitting on a chair like the rest of the members, he’d rather take the floor and squat!

It’s the most convenient and comfortable method for him. Whether he’s playing games…

…petting animals…

…or doing anything at all, he’ll squat!

2. Clutching things to his chest

Jimin doesn’t casually hold things. He clutches them to his heart like he’s protecting it with all his might!

He dearly loves his son, Chimmy, and keeps him safe in his arms.

Small animals are the perfect size for Jimin to shower with love while he holds them in his arms.

He also does it with his belongings…

…fan slogans…

…and even flowers!

3. Being late

Everyone knows that the latest member of BTS is usually Jimin.

This even lead to them creating the term “Did you Jimin today?” meaning, “Were you late today?”

In the past, the members even tried to teach Jimin a lesson by leaving without him during Bon Voyage Season 1.

Poor Jimin!

4. Labeling his belongings

Fans once noticed Jimin’s name is written on many of the things he owns.

From shirts…

…to shoes!

It’s the perfect way to not get his belongings mixed up with the others.

5. Flipping his hair back

When discussing Jimin’s habits, you can’t leave out his legendary hair flips!

He can make it cute…

…or sexy!

Hopefully, this is one habit he never breaks!