Jimin’s Hoodie Cost More Than All Of BTS’s “ON” MAMA Dance Practice Outfits Combined

He combined luxury and comfort at rehearsal.

At 2020 MAMABTS blew everyone away with a larger than life performance of “ON”. Now, their new dance practice video has fans talking, for several reasons.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

In addition to praising BTS’s skills and professionalism, ARMYs are also interested in their outfits. After doing some research, BTS fashion Twitter @Bangtan_Style07 shared the cost of each member’s outfits. Jimin‘s hoodie cost more than all his members’ outfits combined!

1. Suga

Suga is recovering from shoulder surgery and couldn’t perform at MAMA, but his members brought a photo of his “Dynamite” outfit to dance practice. It cost $3,053.84.

2. V

Together, V’s T-shirt and scarf cost $1,289, but we’re all curious to know what he paid for that snazzy suit!

3. Jungkook

Jungkook’s outfit was comfy and affordable at $270.

4. RM

RM’s denim jacket and Vans shoes cost $1,365 together.

5. Jin

Like RM, Jin chose to wear a combination of cotton and denim. His outfit cost $2,000.

6. J-Hope

$1,476 is the combined cost of J-Hope’s bright and stylish dance practice outfit.

7. Jimin

Jimin’s Mastermind World hoodie cost a jaw-dropping $9,500! Combined with his shoes, the outfit cost $10,145 (and that doesn’t even include the pants!). The combined price of his members’ outfits is $9,453.84, $46.16 less than Jimin’s hoodie.

Watch the dance practice here: