20 Must-See Moments In BTS’s Final Livestream Before Enlistment

Everyone should see #3.

BTS‘s RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook held their final livestream before enlisting in the military next week. ARMYs have to wait until Jin and J-Hope are released in 2024 for the next livestream (Along with the four youngest members, Suga will also be released in 2025). Check out 20 iconic moments from the farewell stream below.

1. When Jimin almost reported a comment for wanting to see him bald

So dramatic!

2. The final “Yoongi Marry Me”

They took it seriously.

3. When they made ARMYs promise not to visit their enlistment ceremony

With too many people, it could be dangerous.

4. When they all started feeling each other’s muscles

Who’s the buffest of them all?

5. RM’s spoiler and everyone else’s reactions

What just happened?!

6. When they compared themselves to Pokémon

Are you team Chimchar V or Aipom V?

7. Their update on J-Hope in the military

They say he’s become even cooler and more manly!

8. Plus, they say J-Hope’s body has also gotten more buff

ARMYs are in for a treat in 2024!

9. When V basically shared that it was Jungkook’s haircut he posted

He had us fooled!

10. The members want to compete for the best body in 2025

Who will take home the buff crown?

11. RM teasing about his new weight

However, he might lose weight in the military!

12. V greeting fans like this

He’s a master of slang.

13. Their update on Suga in the military

He’s working hard!

14. When Jungkook was asked to show his hair

Stay tuned for the reveal!

15. Jimin looking away during the cheer

It’s just like Suga!

16. V talked about freestyle dancing

Jungkook was certain V couldn’t win against J-Hope. Meanwhile, Jimin folded to V.

17. They gave an update on Jin

Plus, they said he hasn’t changed at all!

18. The chaotic start

Typical BTS!

19. V talked about enlisting in an anti-terrorism special unit

We’re so proud!

20. Finally, the chaotic ending

We’re gonna miss them!