15 Iconic ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” Teaser

#5 is so accurate.

BTS‘s Jimin just released the teaser for his “Like Crazy” music video and ARMYs are losing their minds! Check out some of the best and most relatable reactions below.

1. The visuals are insanely gorgeous.

Both Jimin and the concept!

2. ARMYs are drawing parallels to past works.

It all intertwines in its own way.

3. Water is an important part of this concept.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

4. Jimin is rocking a stunning new hairstyle.

This black mullet suits him perfectly.

5. Blue is definitely his color.

He looks stunning!

6. We’re connecting the dots to Jimin’s spoilers.

Could this be the concept?

7. Of course, it relates back to the teaser poster.

Everything has a purpose!

8. Does this scene look familiar?

Perhaps it’s referencing Jimin’s past.

9. All of the creative minds who came together for this song make it even more exciting.

It’s about to be lit!

10. Everyone is hearing different lyrics — and some are wild!

We’ll just have to wait for the official song to be released to know the truth.

11. Remember, there will be an English version.

We’re barely prepared for the original!

12. Jimin’s eyes = 😍

He’s hypnotizing.

13. R&B Jimin enthusiasts can officially rejoice.

The time has come!

14. This is all of us after watching the teaser.

Imagine watching the actual video.

15. We’re getting the vibes of these songs.

Are you excited?!