Here Are 20 Must-See Moments From BTS Jimin’s Latest Livestream

He revealed when his solo album is coming out! 🤯

Did you miss BTS Jimin‘s latest livestream? Don’t worry, we got you covered! From building LEGOs to talking about his upcoming solo album, check out 20 of the best moments below!

1. He talked about his tattoos and hinted at showing them at a later date.

We’ll be ready when that day comes!

2. He proudly showed off his adorable LEGO bear.

It’s special for Valentine’s Day!

3. He dropped some epic news: His solo album will be released around March!

PJM1 is so close we can taste it.

4. Will Jimin be getting married?

Not anytime soon!

5. He sang his own version of “Unholy.”

As expected, he made it cute!

6. His imitation of his own part in “Vibe” is seriously adorable.

This is the Mochi version.

7. He decided to turn off the lights and play scary music.

This was quite an experience!

8. He showed his love for SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi.

ARMYCARATs, this is our time!

9. He missed his Jin hyung the most.

We understand the feeling!

10. He did a little dance to PSY’s “That That” featuring Suga.

We loved every minute of it!

11. He gave even more hints about PJM1.

We must be ready for new content at all times.

12. Yes, even the way he sneezes is cute!

BRB, replaying this 1013 times.

13. He gave some precious motivational words for those who are struggling.

Jimin genuinely loves his fans.

14. This cute rendition of “Filter” is not how we remember it.

It’s been mochified.

15. He talked about watching J-Hope perform “Safety Zone” at Lollapalooza.

He supported him from the sidelines.

16. This cute moment where he said, “I love you.”

We need this as a Weverse notification sound.

17. That moment he used his flower LEGO like chopsticks.

The muscle memory is too strong.

18. He did his own cover of “Rush Hour.”

He couldn’t help but stand up and dance!

19. RM’s music makes him want to ride a bike.

Unfortunately, the rain stopped him from going.

20. Will we actually be able to see “Filter” live in person?

Only time will tell!