Here Are 10 Moments From BTS Jimin’s Live Broadcast That You Need To See

#7 is so precious. πŸ₯Ί

BTS‘s Jimin recently held a solo live stream to greet ARMYs! Check out 10 of the most adorable, hilarious, and overall must-see moments from the broadcast below.

1. When Jimin spoke softly to not wake an ARMY’s baby

Jimin is the most considerate angel, especially to his fans.

2. Showing off his perfect jawline while drinking water

ARMYs are enjoying the view.

3. Sharing some “devastating” news

His pinky has no plans of growing, ladies and gentlemen.

4. Getting confused by the background

He thought it was his hair!

5. Adorably playing with filters

Alexa, play “Filter” by BTS.

6. Talking to ARMYs about their exams

One eye on the textbook, one eye on Jimin.

7. Proving that some things never change

Jimin always plays with his hair like this!

8. Negotiating with an ARMY’s mom

Just 10 more minutes!

9. Every time Jimin did this

You can never have enough of these bread cheeks.

10. Promising to come back soon

If you missed this live broadcast, fear not! Jimin promised to return in a few weeks.