Here Are 20 Of The Most Gorgeous Fanarts Inspired By BTS Jimin’s Long Hair

ARMYs are so creative!

BTS Jimin‘s recent selfie showcasing himself with a super long hairstyle left ARMYs inspired and ready to get creative! Check out 10+ gorgeous pieces of artwork below that feature the stunning look.

1. Which style do you like better?

2. Two besties

3. Pouty face

4. All the vibes

5. Gorgeous grays

6. Bob Jimin

7. Too cool

8. Mini Jimin

9. Blushing details

10. Jimin as a baby chick

11. Amazing style

12. Edgy king

13. Beautiful eyes

14. Natural

15. So much power

16. The cutest

17. Windswept

18. Super cute

19. Wintertime Jimin

20. Lovely