6 Times Male ARMYs Screamed The Loudest For BTS’s Jimin

“Jiminie hyung, I love you!” ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nobody can resist falling for BTS‘s Jimin — even male ARMYs! Check out some of the moments when fanboys showed their love for him below.

1. This guy went all out while BTS was entering Music Bank.

Jimin-ah!!! Today!! Your look!!! Is so!!! Cool!!!

— Male ARMY

2. A fan’s deep voice made a hilarious appearance in a fancam at just the right moment.

I love you, Park Jimin!! I love you, Park Jimin!!!

— Male ARMY

3. Jimin responds to a male fan’s love confession in the sweetest way!

ARMY: Hyung-nim, I love you!

JM: Thank you so much.

JM: It’s an honor.

JM: I’ll work hard!

4. This ARMY was totally excited to see Jimin onย Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time.

ARMY: Jiminie hyung!

JM: Yes, I’m here~!

JM: You’re/He’s cute.

5. While BTS was entering a music show, all that could be heard was this man’s plea for Jimin’s attention.

Jiminie hyung, I love you!!! Jiminie hyung!!!! Jiminie hyung, you’re my love for real!!!! I love you so much!!!

— Male ARMY

6. When his face pops up on the screen, no one can resist shouting out their love for him!

Jiminie hyung!!! I love you!!!

— Male ARMY

Source: theqoo