Here Are 10 Extremely Relatable Reactions To BTS Jimin’s McDonald’s Concept Photo

*Googles how to be a McNugget*

As part of the McDonald’s x BTS promotion, the fast-food chain is releasing concept photos of each member that are leaving ARMYs torn — Do you want to eat a nugget or be the nugget that Jimin is holding? Check out 10 of the most hilarious and relatable reactions to his stunning photo below!

| @McDonalds/Twitter

1. Too much sauce in one photo.

He’s got that special Jimin sauce.

2. Because you can never have enough Jimin.

Here’s one more for good luck.

3. But do you see him?

No, really. Look again.

4. We only have one question:

Where do we apply?

5. Current mood.

Jimin got my heart melting in two.

6. Whether his hair is rainbow, dirty blonde, or any other color, the answer remains.

Jimin stays flawless.

7. This is THE Jimin.

Everything he does is art.

8. Yesterday, I aspired to be a fry.

Today, I will become a McNugget.

9. He holds that nugget like it’s the most precious thing on Earth.

Couldn’t expect anything less from Jimin.

10. Printed out, framed, displayed on my wall.

This picture is going everywhere.