Here Are 11 Times BTS’s Jimin Showed Off His Muscular Physique

You can’t watch #4 just once!

BTS‘s Jimin loves working out — and it shows. From his pumped biceps to his flawless abs, his physique is in amazing shape! Check out some of the best moments below where he wasn’t afraid to show off his hard work.

1. Thank you, stylists!

Whenever Jimin wears a tank top, it’s a good day for ARMY.

2. “Mic Drop” era is iconic for many reasons.

Jimin’s arms are two of them!

3. When he wore this during Bon Voyage Season 4, everyone went crazy.

This boyfriend material look is perfect!

4. It’s just Jimin drinking water out of a trophy.

Try not to fangirl challenge: Failed.

5. During American Hustle Life, he played some basketball with the boys.

Was he your crush back then?

6. The choreography of “Tomorrow” was a cultural reset.

Petition to bring this song back: Coming soon.

7. Jungkook took one for the team.

Thank you for your service.

8. At concerts, he doesn’t hold back!

Stay strong, front row ARMY.

9. Look at his piercing gaze.

He knowwhat he’s doing.

10. It’s been 8 years and we’re still not over the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

ARMY will never move on from this legendary day!

11. One more from this day for good luck.

The man you are today, Park Jimin!


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