Every Single Nickname That Fans Call BTS Jimin, And The Meaning Behind Them

We all love our mochi but do you know why that’s his nickname?

1. ChimChim

When BTS were on American Hustle Life, Tony Jones came up with this nickname. Jimin seemed to really love this nickname and fans couldn’t help but adopt it too.


2. Jiminie and Park Jiminie

Jiminie is simply a cute way to pronounce his name and Suga just added his last name to the nickname to create Park Jiminie.


3. Christian Chim Chim

Jimin gave himself this nickname. He was once asked what his English name would be and this was his answer! How cute!


4. Mochi

This one seems pretty obvious if you’re an A.R.M.Y! Any idol who is referred to as “mochi” is just too cute to handle! It might also have to do with the way he pouts since Jimin’s pout makes his cheeks look soft and squishy just like the sweet treat!


5. JM

Although not used very often, this nickname is just a shortened form of his name.


6. Diminie

This is another self-given nickname. A fan once asked him what happens when he drinks to much and he said he does a lot of aegyo. Then he gave an example which turned into a special nickname for him!


7. Dooly

Fans think that when Jimin puffs his cheeks out he looks just like the popular kids cartoon character.


8. Mang gae ddeok

Another version of the mochi nickname. This one is given by Korean fans and means a really soft rice cake (or Jimin in this case). It can also reference his cute cheeks.


9. Kumquat Mochi

Yet another version of the mochi nickname, although this time it’s a direct reference to a time when he appeared on a livestream in a very orange sweater.


10. Jiminie Pabo

This sort-of nickname was given by V when the group was on American Hustle Life. V decided to teach someone a bit of Korean and decided on “Jiminie pabo” which means “Jimin is a fool.” He also used it a few other times during the show.


11. Ddan-ji

Ddan-ji is one of the nicknames that Korean fans call Jimin. It comes from 장딴지 (jang-ddan-ji) which means calf or calves. This is mainly used when Jimin wears shorts and shows off his major leg muscles!


12. Bbang-ddeok

Another nickname given to him by Korean fans. It’s a mashup of the words bread and rice cake and simply means that he’s really squishy and cute! It’s like a different version of his mochi nickname.


13. Be-i-geul-nam (베이글남)

This is a mashup of Korean words that combine to mean “a man with a baby face but a glamorous body,” a reference to the K-Pop slang “bagel” which means the same thing. This is another nickname given to him by Korean fans and it’s pretty obvious to see why they gave it to him!


14. Pak-bboong (박뿡)

This is a nickname that Jimin essentially gave himself. During BTS Festa 2016, he wrote this random word on his self-written profile.


15. Jiminnie ddong-gae-ae

On one livestream where the boys were celebrating J-Hope‘s birthday and playing games. This turned out to be the name of Jimin’s character in the game. This is another sort-of nickname because some fans know it but it doesn’t really get used very often.


16. Jji-min

Korean fans started calling Jimin “Jji-min” after he and RM ripped their shirts during a performance. The word is a mashup of 찢다 (jjit-da), meaning “to rip”, and his name.


17. Sam-boon sam-ship-sam-cho

Directly translated it means 3 minutes and 33 seconds. It’s a direct reference to the group’s “Fire” MV. At exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds there is a dance break that Korean fans noticed Jimin dominated, hence the nickname.


18. Sexy Mochi

Yay another mochi nickname! This time RM gave Jimin this nickname because he’s so built and yet still so squishy and cute!


19. Orange-haired guy

Jimin garnered a lot of attention when the group performed “Perfect Man” back in 2015. Since his hair was orange at the time, people were searching the web to find out who he was. This isn’t really a nickname used by fans, but it’s a reference many A.R.M.Y know.


20. Jungkook’s heart

This nickname was given by Korean fans because he always seemed to show a lot of affection and attention to Jungkook.


21. Ddochi

During a 2013 interview, Jimin revealed that his middle school friends gave him this nickname. Apparently, they called him that because they thought he looked like a puppy.


Bonus: Chimmy

Jimin’s BT21 character takes a little bit from some of his nicknames and is as cute as he is!