Here’s Why Jimin Is Known As BTS’s “Puppy Kitty”

This can’t be denied!

BTS‘s Jimin is known as the group’s “Puppy Kitty.” With charms like both adorable animals, it’s hard to pick which one suits him better! Check out the times he reminded ARMY of both adorable animals below.

1. Puppy

Jimin’s sweet personality is full of dog-like charms.

From his big puppy dog eyes that resemble a glossy-eyed pooch…


…to his never-ending energy and high spirit, he’s easily comparable to a dog.


Jimin selflessly helps whoever he can without a second thought, just like loving animals do.

Plus, seeing him in all-black matching this black puppy was just too perfect!


2. Kitty

However, Jimin isn’t just reminiscent of dogs. He also has a cat-like vibe to him!

Ever since referring to himself as a calico cat in “Serendipity,” it’s hard to separate him from that pure kitten image.


Jimin’s soft beauty and gentle aura will leave you questioning which one is the real cat here.


He isn’t afraid to make friends with stray cats, like the one who visited BTS in Malta.

In the end, Jimin is full of many charms that make him impossible to define as one or the other, so “puppy kitty” will have to do!