BTS’s Jimin Unveils His Toned Body In “Set Me Free Pt. 2” MV Photo Sketch

BTS’s chapter 2 is wild!

Weverse recently released some behind-the-scenes photos of BTS Jimin‘s new music video for “Set Me Free Pt. 2.” Check out all of the iconic moments below!

1. Jimin emerges in this white outfit at the end of the music video.

What could this symbolize?

2. The candid photos look like art.

Nope, it’s not a photoshoot — It’s a music video shoot!

3. Even when he’s monitoring, he’s still charismatic.

Jimin is always cool!

4. Jimin + Leather = 🖤

This concept is made for him.

5. His shirtless moment with tattoos caught us all by surprise.

He shows off his physique towards the end of the music video.

Source: Weverse