10+ Of The Sexiest Things BTS’s Jimin Ever Wore In Public

Jimin looks fine AF in everything, but these outfits are some of his finest.

BTS‘s Jimin looks attractive in anything, but these are some of the hottest clothing items he’s worn in public yet!


1. This cosmic “Serendipity” shirt


2. This leather harness with white button-up


3. This purple suit


4. This black and white outfit


5. This “IDOL” outfit, inspired by traditional Korean clothing


6. This textured black suit with choker


7. This sparkling, slit shirt


8. This silky black shirt with matte slacks


9. These leather pants


10. This “FAKE LOVE” outfit


11. This short sleeved black button-up with jeans


12. This black leather jacket with sunglasses


13. This biker jacket with denim


14. This iconic 2014 MAMA outfit


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