10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Was Just Too Short For This World

These are Jimin problems that only short people can relate to.

At 173.6cm/5’8.3″ BTS‘s Jimin isn’t actually short, and fans who have seen him in person are often surprised by how much taller he is in real life. Even so, there have been plenty of moments when the world was too big and Jimin was just too small!


1. When he had to use the mic right after RM at the Seoul Music Awards


2. When he struggled to make this group pose work


3. When BTS accused his standee of lying about his height


4. When he had to lower this award to kiss it


5. When he reminded everyone (for the umpteenth time) that he and Suga are nearly the same height…


6. …or are they?


7. When he had to jump with all his might to be seen


8. When his smol hands made his life harder than it had to be


9. When standing on his tip toes didn’t help…


10. …much


11. When he couldn’t see over this wall…


12. …so a stylist lifted him up


13. Meanwhile, RM…


14. When he couldn’t quite make it over this fence


15. BONUS: When he became the tallest member of BTS