3 Iconic Moments When BTS’s Jimin Rocked A Skirt With Confidence

#2 was a cultural reset.

As a lover of fashion, BTS‘s Jimin isn’t afraid to think outside the box. Some of his most innovative looks involve skirts and/or half-skirts that are attached to shorts. Check out three of his best outfits where he incorporated a skirt into his charismatic and masculine outfits with ease — and looked flawless doing it!

1. GQ Korea

Jimin rocked many different looks for GQ Korea, but this fashionable Dior look has us sold. On top, he wore a button-up shirt with a bomber jacket over it. For his lower half, he sported a half-skirt attached to his shorts, along with high socks and cool boots.

| GQ Korea

When he took the jacket off, he looked stunning in the pinstripe top.

| GQ Korea

It’s no surprise that he rocked the look straight off the Dior The Spring 2024 Men’s Collection runway.

| Dior

2. “Butter” Concept Photos

Jimin showed off his edgy and quirky flair for “Butter” when he rocked some furry boots, a graphic tee, fire red hair, and a plaid skirt that was altered with shorts underneath.

| BIGHIT Music

Along with his metal accessories, he was the perfect blend of cool and adorable!

| BangtanTV/YouTube 

His unique take on the look transformed the skirt from a basic piece to an edgy and cool part of his look.

| Maje Judie

3. Louis Vuitton

When BTS modeled for Louis Vuitton Men’s F/W 2021, the members each chose their own look from the collection to suit their individual style.

| BangtanTV/YouTube  

Jimin took the opportunity to try something daring, like this plaid ensemble featuring a skirt and pants.

| BangtanTV/YouTube 

His fashion-forward look stole ARMY’s hearts for being both unique and cool!

| Louis Vuitton