26 Gorgeous Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of BTS’s “Me, Myself, And Jimin” Photo-Folio That Every ARMY Should See

Jimin’s concepts are *chef’s kiss*

Naver just released some exclusive content from the shooting of BTS Jimin‘s Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and Jimin ‘ID: Chaos.’ Take a look at all of the stunning, HD photos from the photoshoot below!

1. Jimin starts off looking deadly in a velvet robe and a low-cut top.

“Cutie, sexy, lovely” has become “Hottie, sexy, lovely!”

2. He becomes a fairy in this cool concept, showing off his undereye glitter and faux tattoos.

Jimin’s simple yet cool look lets his flawless visuals take the spotlight.

3. Prince Jimin shows off a classy look in black and white and brings back a familiar style that “Filter” fans will love.

We can never get enough of Jimin in hats and suspenders!

4. This last concept immediately went viral among ARMY for its beautiful aesthetic.

Do you prefer his black or white look?

Source: Naver


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