Here Are 12 Of BTS Jimin’s Squishiest Moments That Will Make You Say “UWU”

#3 is just too precious. 🥺

From mochi to manggae-tteok, BTS‘s Jimin is often nicknamed by ARMY after small and squishy treats. Spoiler: His adorable appearance and chubby cheeks may have something to do with it! Check out these 12 moments that show how impossible it is to resist his adorable charms.

1. The squishiest outfit ever

He’s warm, fluffy, and safe from the cold!

2. His mochi cheeks

This is peak cheek elasticity.

3. A small ghost

Is there anything cuter than Jimin seeking shelter in his towel?

4. Pat-pat

Every squishy Jimin enthusiast will gladly apply for this makeup artist position.

5. Even the members fall for him

Seriously, who can blame them?

6. Bunny Jimin

He can hop right into our hearts.

7. Earmuff Jimin

There’s nothing sweeter than color-coordinated coziness.

8. Throwback chubby cheeks

Try to find anyone squishier than baby Jimin. We’ll wait.

9. While shopping

Does he really need any more fuzzy stuff? (Yes, he does).

10. Flower Jimin

“Cutie lovely” Jimin doesn’t have to do much to look flawless.

11. Flower Jimin 2.0

The power his cheeks hold.

12. Mock maknae

It’s hard to believe this cutie isn’t the baby of BTS!