10 Moments That Show BTS Jimin’s True Personality

#7 shows exactly what type of person he is!

BTS‘s Jimin is someone who is is filled with love and kindness towards his members, fans, and others. Within the group he is known as a stress reliever and that is just one aspect of his true personality.

Check out 10 instances where he showed his true colors!

1. Always Offering A Helping Hand

Jimin is always one to offer help to someone.

2. Complimenting His Members

No matter the reason, Jimin always have positive words for his members.

3. Showing Love To ARMY With Jewelry

Jimin is never one to shy away from showing love to ARMY. He has worn jewelry that says ARMY more than once.


4. Always Respectful

During BTS’s recent trip to the White House, Jimin’s actions as he left the stage caught the attention of many netizens. As he left the stage, Jimin bowed to the press with one arm across his body, something many saw as a huge sign of respect.

5. Keeping Members Safety In Mind

Jimin checked out the stage the group was going to perform on to make sure it was safe enough.

6. Taking Care Of Jungkook

Jimin help but show extra care and concern for the group’s maknae, Jungkook.

7. There To Comfort His Members

Jimin is always there to physically and emotionally comfort his members


8. Offering Words of Confidence To Others

Jimin always has kind words for everyone.

9. Wishing For The Best For His Members

When asked what his New Year’s wish was, Jimin first wished for good things for the other members of BTS instead of things for himself.

10. Always Thinking Of Their Leader

Jimin often shows worry toward the group’s leader, RM, saying that he seems stressed or worried. Knowing Jimin, he is always thinking of ways to help relieve that stress!

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