10 Moments That Show BTS Jungkook’s True Personality

#6 reveals everything you need to know about him!

BTS‘s Jungkook is full of kindness and consideration for his members, fans, and everyone around him. Many small, precious moments show the true intentions of his pure heart. Check out 10 moments where he revealed how selfless and loving he truly is!

1. Turning the heater toward ARMYs on a cold day

He was freezing but even more concerned about fans.

2. Saving V from his punishments

He’s always mindful of how V feels, whether he’s eating wasabi…

…or swallowing helium from a balloon!

3. Greeting his wrestling opponent with all smiles

Respect always comes first for Jungkook.

4. Bringing J-Hope his coffee and blanket

He’s always taking care of the older members, too.

5. Doing a quick shoe tie

Even on stage, he’ll help anyone.

6. Protecting others while in a dog pile

He always uses his hands to alleviate some pressure from the person below him.

You might not notice it at first, but when you notice it, you can’t unsee it!

Jungkook is always thoughtful of everyone around him!

7. Protecting each other while falling

When Jungkook lets go of the handle, he securely holds V’s waist so they don’t get hurt.

8. Cleaning the dust off of each other

He gets the dirt off of J-Hope’s clothes for him.

9. Turning the fan towards ARMYs on a hot day

He puts their needs before his own!

10. Helping members when they don’t feel good

When J-Hope wasn’t his feeling his best, he was there to comfort him.