BTS’s Jimin Is So Well Rounded… Like There-Isn’t-Anything-He-Can’t-Do Kind Of Well Rounded

How is he so good at literally everything?

BTS‘s Jimin has his main set of skills which he has honed to perfection: Singing, dancing, and looking good. Aside from those, he also boasts some unusual skills — which are somewhat less crucial to his K-Pop idol career, but surely more fascinating for ARMYs to watch! Here are 8 of Jimin’s most unusual, but cool AF skills.


1. Jimin Can Curve His Skipping Stone

That is, while some of us can’t even skip a stone, period.


2. Jimin Can See & Step Over Invisible Things

There must be something there that we simply cannot see with our bare eyes.


3. Jimin Can Catch Snacks With His Mouth

Okay, so this could be useful when he has his hands full but still want a bite of J-Hope’s snacks.


4. Jimin Can Spin His Mic Around

Does that microphone look extremely light or is it his sorcery?


5. Jimin Can Kick Around A Soccer Ball

Yes, Jimin makes this look super easy — but not everyone has that feet-eye coordination.


6. Jimin Can Write In Beautiful Calligraphy

His artistic gene shines not only in performing arts, but also in visual arts.


7. Jimin Can Pull Off That Iron Man Vibe

Who would believe this was his first time on a flyboard?


8. Jimin Can Jump High — Like Really, Really High

Someone check the bottom of Jimin’s feet to make sure there aren’t springs attached…!

Source: THEQOO and Twitter


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