Here Are 9 Must-See Moments From BTS Jimin’s Latest Livestream

We’ve been waiting for #5 — and he finally said it!

The BTS members are starting off 2023 with a bang. From photoshoots to livestreams, their schedules are busier than ever! In all of the mayhem, you might have missed Jimin‘s livestream. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Check out some of the cutest, most iconic, and best moments from the stream below.

1. He teased ARMYs about an upcoming project.

No specific details yet, but we’re already so excited!

2. He showed off his friendship tattoo with the BTS members.

He gave fans a close-up view of the “7” located on the inside of his index finger.

3. We almost got a Yoonmin live.

Hopefully, this can still happen soon!

4. He showed off all of his charms at once.

Sexy, cutie, lovely, and sweet!

5. He just had to read a “Yoongi marry me” comment.

We can no longer escape this meme.

6. Jimin explained just how much he’s been missing ARMYs.

The feeling is mutual.

7. Like everyone else, he’s a fan of Suga’s drinking show “Suchwita.”

Please be a guest!

8. He spilled some tea on how “Vibe” came to be.

It’s quite the story!

9. Bonus: The thumbnail

It looks like a reference for his Jin hyung!

Check out what all of the members are up to below.

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