12 Must-See Moments From BTS Jimin’s “FACE” Weverse Live

ARMYs have been waiting to see #3!

BTS‘s Jimin recently held a Weverse Live to discuss his solo debut album, FACE. Check out some of the funniest, cutest, and best moments below!

1. When he remembered that kids were watching

He’s hilarious. 😂

2. Apologizing for his own swearing

He couldn’t get any cuter!

3. Trying the “Sorry For Being Cute” challenge

We forgive you.

4. Showing us all how to warm up properly

It’s all in the hips.

5. Showing off his adorable “Suga”

It’s just the marimo, not the human.

6. Explaining the meaning behind the hidden track

He put his honest feelings into it.

7. This iconic moment of Jimin pretending to sleep

This is cinematic gold.

8. Jimin being the cutest dance teacher

He’s dancing in tiny.

9. Putting his adorable crooked tooth on display

It’s one of his many charms.

10. Wiggling his little feet

Even his toes have rhythm.

11. The moments he “recenters” himself

His effortlessly funny!

12. His heartwarming smile

Watch for an instant boost of serotonin!