BTS’s Jimin’s Ripped Thighs Are Making ARMYs Feel All Sorts Of Feels, As You Can See In These 10+ Thirst Tweets That Are Funny AF

#9 just said it, but you were thinking it too, weren’t you?

When it comes to talking about “muscles” in the K-Pop industry, most fans would bring up the toned abs of their favorite idols.

For example, in BTS, the abs of practically every member is a popular topic…

…especially the abs of BTS’s Jimin who first flashed his abs during their performance of their debut song, “No More Dream”.

But did you know that appreciating the muscles of your favorite mochi isn’t limited to just his perfectly toned abs?

Thousands of ARMYs adore and appreciate Jimin’s powerful thighs as well.

Here are thirst tweets about Jimin’s thighs that are funny and relatable AF — don’t drink water while reading them!

1. Hobi’s hand is everyone’s spirit animal

2. He’s a favorite

3. Jungkook’s really out there doing what ARMYs want to do

4. Is help really necessary when it’s something you signed up for?

5. The 20,000+ likes in this post says a lot about the general thirst of ARMYs

6. It’s something Jimin stans ask themselves every night before going to sleep

7. They’re soulmates for a reason, after all

8. The complete duality

9. Honestly, where’s the lie, though?

10. He’s a perfectly toned sculpture with the face of an angel

11. Everyone, say, “thank you, Jimin’s stylist!”

12. He’s one in a billion

13. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries

14. So that‘s why a lot of ARMYs have “ghost” on their usernames

15. He’s worked for it, so he deserved to get it

When it comes to appreciating bodies, Jimin knows how to express his admiration, too. Just check out what he really thinks about Jungkook’s sweaty look in the next article below:

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