BTS’s Jimin Confesses What He Actually Thinks About Jungkook’s Sweat — And It’s Definitely Something That ARMYs Can Relate To

Jimin really didn’t hold back in telling his honest opinion.

When it comes to talking about one of the most adorable interactions between the members of BTS


…surely you can’t leave out the cute relationship between Jimin and Jungkook.

These two love and care for one another, as seen in the way Jungkook teases Jimin about his height from time to time…

…but still worries about his health so he feeds him always.

It can also be seen in the way Jimin always loves hugging Jungkook to show his affection for the maknae.

Or, as you will read in this article, Jimin’s appreciation for Jungkook can be seen in the way he compliments his…unusual body parts and bodily fluids.

During one of their interviews, the members were asked to complete the phrase: “I would recommend this member’s…” and Jimin answered:

Please definitely look for Jungkook’s sweat.

– Jimin

According to Jungkook, his sweat doesn’t stop.

And without missing a beat, Jimin simply said that if you look carefully during their performances, you can see Jungkook’s…

…sweat, which according to Jimin…

…is considered as beautiful — like “holy water”.

Jimin is such an adorable cutie who loves showering BTS members with praises.

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