Here’s Conclusive Proof That BTS Members Are Totally Whipped For Jimin

Jimin only needed to ask once, and practically all of them volunteered to do it.

It’s common knowledge that the members of BTS strongly love and care for each other.

And they’re not shy about expressing their affection, too.

May it be in the form of adorable hugs…

…or even light smooches, ARMYs know full well how the members treat each other like family.

And while all of them fiercely and genuinely love each other equally, it seems like all of them have a soft spot for their mochi, Jimin.

During one of their episodes, the group was seen filming on a moving vehicle.

And because Jimin gets carsick easily, he wanted to try his luck in alleviating his motion sickness by asking if anyone wanted to switch seats with him.

All four members simultaneously unfastened their seat belts because all of them wanted to switch with him to help him!

Their leader RM even cheered him on to hang in there so he showed his support by telling Jimin that they’d reach their destination in just three kilometers.

Another moment was when they were asked what they were disappointed about in their trip, Suga said that he regretted that Jimin got carsick because of his driving.

Finally, their oldest hyung Jin also showed his concern over Jimin’s well-being by telling him to get some fresh air during one of their rest stops.

With Jimin’s kindness, it’s no wonder BTS members are totally caring for him. Check out Jimin’s surprising habit that he does whenever he’s shopping so you can find out what kind of a person he truly is.

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