Here Are 5 Flavors of BTS’s Jin From A Single Night of “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [The Final]”

From mild to mic-droppin’-spicy

At the final Seoul concert of BTS‘s Speak Yourself tour, coming to an end after wowing the globe, Jin showed off his worldwide handsome visual in different outfits and styles. From gentle prince charming to steamy-sexy savage king, Jin took ARMYs’ breaths away boasting a variety of vibes. Here are 5 flavors of Jin, from a single night, which drove ARMYs wild with love.


1. Mild Jin

Jin started off the night with his signature, soft, Prince Charming kind of look. With his hair fluffed to a perfect fluffiness, the mild Jin has been an ARMY favorite since the beginning of time.


2. “My, Is That A Choker?” Spicy

Then he turned up the heat with this chic-black outfit. With a combination of satin, studs, and straps — Jin was exactly that; a combination of ARMYs’ dreams and wishes. The duality of this look, featuring Jin’s ever-so-innocent face strapped off in a leather choker, was more than enough to make ARMYs go wilding.


3. Make-It-Rain Kind of Hotness

For his solo performance of “Epiphany”, Jin was a whole another level of spicy. He revealed his forehead by pulling his hair back; Then the savage Jin was released. Even in the angelic white suit, standing mellow in the rain, there was something steamy about this entire vibe.


4. Mic Droppin’ Spicy

Jin has always been fierce in “Mic Drop”, but this particular “Mic Drop” was served extra hot. The outfit is relatively casual almost, but that couldn’t stop Jin’s charisma from exploding on stage. In fact, the simplicity of this look only made his visual stand out even more. Jin and his sparkly pink mic enchanted everyone watching.


5. Mighty Quokka

By the end of the concert, after creating a million Hot-Jin moments, he returned to his quokka self. Sporting a red bandana, being a bandana specialist he is, Jin looked especially squeezable. ARMYs couldn’t quite grasp how this Jin and the leather choker Jin are the same Jin — but they’ve come to terms with the fact that this multi-sidedness is Jin’s most mesmerizing charm!