6 Times BTS’s Jin Apologized To Everyone And Everything

He just can’t “stob” saying “sorry”.

Some people have a hard time saying sorry, but BTS‘s Jin definitely isn’t one of them. He apologizes to people, animals, inanimate objects — you name it! Here are 6 times his non-stop sorries made us laugh!

1. Chair: 1, Gamer Jin: 0

In Episode 2 of In the SOOP, Jin got really into a virtual reality game. He flailed his arms so much that he hit the chair in front of him.

“Oh, sorry!” he said, without missing a beat. The chair couldn’t feel anything, but still. It’s the thought that counts!

2. This double whammy

When Jin hit a door and toilet bowl at the In the SOOP lake house, he said sorry right away. The other members didn’t ask why Jin was apologizing to inanimate objects. Like fans, they must be used to it!

3. This overly friendly bee

Everybody loves Jin, even this tiny, stinging stan. When this bee got too close for comfort, Jin apologized to it…

…and begged it let him–wait for it–bee. (Cue windshield wiper laugh.)

4. This sassy shrimp

When Jin went on his vacation last year, he spent lots of time fishing. While baiting a hook, the bait startled him. So, what did he do? He apologized, of course.

5. This slippery anti-fan

Jin isn’t a fan of kissing stingrays, and honestly, they aren’t fans of kissing him either. When Jin tried to make friends with this stingray, its tail sent him running to RM.

Even in the middle of a freakout, Jin’s politeness didn’t fail him. He made everyone laugh when he said sorry to his new “friend”!

6. Sorry, fish!

Jin had to gut a live flatfish for BTS’s dinner, but he did his best not to do it cruelly. He apologized to the poor fish for accidentally using hot water to wash it.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse