10+ Fanarts Inspired By BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” That Are Out Of This World

We need “The Astronaut” to be a film now.

BIGHIT MUSIC recently released the official poster for BTS Jin‘s solo single “The Astronaut.”


While Jin isn’t featured in the poster, ARMYs have already created many beautiful fanarts that include him and/or his new little representative astronaut character Wootteo. Check out 10+ “The Astronaut” fanarts that are truly out of this world…


2. Little boy blue and the man on the moon

| @meroutro/Twitter

3. To boldly go…

| @prodK0YA/Twitter

4. Where no man has gone before

| @lcheeryart/Twitter

5. Blockbuster material

It totally looks like a film poster!

| @chimigraphic/Twitter

6. You Never Travel Alone

| @interludetears/Twitter

7. Astronauts have to eat too!

8. Borahae

| @damladrawings/Twitter

9. We need an animated TV show of Wooteo.

| @KSJLOOKSS/Twitter

10. The Little Prince goes to space

| @syublight/Twitter

11. The lonely whale and astronaut

| @sugabearkookies/Twitter

12. Our guardian of the galaxy



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