10+ Times BTS’s Jin Got Dissed By Big Hit Entertainment’s Staff

They show their love for Jin by making fun of him whenever they can.

BTS‘s Jin is the self-appointed CEO of “JinHit Entertainment”, but that doesn’t mean he’s above reproach. Here are 10+ times Big Entertainment’s staff couldn’t help poking fun at their future “boss”!


1. When they called him a “world-wide class” fuss maker…


2. …and an alpaca


3. Let’s also not forget that time when they basically called him a “loser”


4. When they put his face on this Run BTS! logo…


5. …and exaggerated the number of tries it took him to kiss this stingray


6. When they referred to Jin and J-Hope as “two cowards”


7. “That’s not what we asked for.”


8. When they failed to laugh at his joke


9. When they illustrated his thought process with a “buffering” symbol


10. “Jin the Dragon is not quite ascending”


11. When this manager called him a “pig”!