5+ Moments Of BTS’s Jin Being A Natural Comedian As Nexon’s MapleStory Employee

He’s so effortlessly funny!

Recently, BTS‘s Jin revealed that he started a new job working at Nexon‘s MapleStory, his favorite game. His first day was documented with a YouTube series, and unsurprisingly Jin proved to be a natural comedian.

So, here are 5+ hilarious moments, in no particular order, of Jin as a MapleStory employee…

1. Jin negotiating his salary to be Nexon cash

2. Jin’s response when told not to reveal confidential information

3. Jin totally obliteration work hierarchy thanks to gaming levels

4. Jin couldn’t be more relatable

5. Jin just telling it like it is

6. Jin is a mama’s boy

7. Jin threatening to quit

8. Jin’s unboxing video

9. Jin revealing why he no longer works at Nexon