10+ Times BTS’s Jin Was The Most Confident Person Alive

There’s being confident, then there’s being Jin.

If you need a lesson in confidence, here it is! BTS‘s Jin knows he’s handsome and talented, and he’s not afraid to tell the world. Here are 10+ of his most confident moments!


1. Superstardom = super confidence

In Episode 140 of Run BTS!, Jin didn’t hold back. At all. When guest producer Na Young Suk brought up BTS’s fame…

Na Young Suk | BTS Run!/Weverse

…Jin confirmed that yes, they are very famous. Thanks for asking!

| BTS Run!/Weverse

2. Astronomy with Professor Jin

Somebody better call Copernicus and tell him that no, the Earth does not revolve around the sun. It revolved around Jin.

| BTS Run!/Weverse
| BTS Run!/Weverse

3. “Who cares about lighting?”

Jin made a hilarious impression on the cast of Let’s Eat Dinner Together when he and Jungkook guested. Jin boldly said, “Who cares about lighting? I’m beautiful.” 

This was the result.

4. Love Yourself…less.

On KBS‘s special talk show, Let’s BTS, Jin liberally applied the message from BTS’s Love Yourself era to himself. “For me, I think I love myself too much,” he said. J-Hope clapped back with; “I think you should love yourself a little less.” 

5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

…who is the fairest one of all? On Weverse, Jin wrote, “My mirror must be unhappy… because it sees me every day.” 

| Weverse

6. Even the desert is in love with him.

On Weverse, a fan dropped this leJindary pickup line. Worldwide Hilarious couldn’t resist replying.

| Weverse

“If I walk,” he wrote. “even the desert sheds tears at my handsomeness so that an oasis will be created.”

| Weverse

7. Rap Star Jin

Even the most talented rappers might be intimidated to perform in front of RM and Suga, but not Jin. He went off.

8. That time J-Hope couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

While vacationing abroad for Bon Voyage, Jin confidently approached strangers in the street while dressed in a very…interesting…outfit.

“What’s up, guys?” he said in English. “Hello. Oh, nice fashion.”

J-Hope tried to escape before the secondhand embarrassment could cripple him.

9. Every time he introduced himself as Worldwide Handsome…on national television.

“Where is camera?” Jin asked, on The Graham Norton Show. He stood up and blew a kiss. “Hello, my name is Jin. I’m Worldwide Handsome, you know?”

10. Born to shine!

Jin doesn’t need jewels. Jewels need Jin.

11. His morning routine

Start your day the Jin way!