10+ Times BTS’s Jin Proved He’s The Funniest Yet Hottest Guy You’ll Ever Meet

His duality is off the charts!

When it comes to BTS‘s Jin, what you see is not what you get. He doesn’t let his handsome, chic visuals ever get in the way of showing his hilarious and chaotic personality! Check out 10+ moments that show his true duality below.

1. Let’s start off strong with shirt-and-tie Jin.

The man you are today, Kim Seokjin.

2. Yes, this is actually the same person.

Eating genuinely makes him this happy.

3. When it comes to the stage, he shows his charismatic side.

Don’t forget about the sexy glare.

4. But offstage, you’ll get to know his true personality.

Jin: 0, Whatever just scared him: 1.

5. Basically, he was born this beautiful.

We can’t all be as lucky as Jin.

6. He was also born this hilarious, too.

His judging face > Anyone else’s.

7. He’s effortlessly flawless…

Try not to watch this GIF at least ten times.

8. …and just as effortlessly hilarious!

He was more surprised than the fans were when they appeared.

9. His stage presence alone will make ARMYs melt.

Plus, nobody can avoid being seduced by his honey vocals.

10. However, his goofy side is what will truly make you fall in love!

Even BTS says that Jin makes them laugh the most.

11. People don’t want a boyfriend, they want Jin.

It’s a proven fact.

12. He may be the visual, but he’s also the comedian.

It’s written in the fine print of his contract.

13. Jin’s duality just makes him the total package!

There’s nothing he doesn’t have.