Here Are 20+ Of BTS Jin’s Most Chaotic Moments That Will Make You Wheeze

Try not to laugh at #7. 🤣

BTS’s Jin has a dry sense of humor and is absolutely shameless when it comes to making people laugh. Check out 20+ of his craziest moments that prove he’s the comedian of BTS!

1. Thriving in his natural, chaotic habitat

2. When dance is life, but so is food

3. When you challenge Jin to a duel

4. Disobeying Big Hit’s rules and cutting his own hair with craft scissors

5. When your social battery suddenly runs out

6. Being hilarious even in the background

7. When your big head knocks over your gifts

8. Buying a new pair of banana shades with UV protection

9. When you’re the scaredy-cat of the group

10. Keeping the maknae safe from danger

11. Always rotating his wrist like this when he adjusts his sunglasses

12. When everything starts to add up

13. The only explanation for ramen seasoning

14. More words of wisdom

15. This is how to relieve stress by Jin

16. When you can practically hear this GIF

17. Partying too hard with your bros

18. His disappearing act

19. The origin of meme Jin in round glasses

20. Skin check? Flawless✔️

21. …Wait, how did this GIF get in here?

22. *Insert windshield wiper laugh*

23. The way he talks and moves his head when he’s mad

24. When all you want is a smooch

25. The eternally iconic traffic dance

26. When you suddenly remember you have leftovers at home