Here Are 5 Of BTS Jin’s Most Unique Habits That Are Just So Him

He didn’t even realize he did #1. 😂

BTS‘s Jin has the cutest quirks and mannerisms that only he does. However, some ARMYs may have picked up on a few of his habits! Check out some of the most “Jin-like” things he can’t stop doing below.

1. Fixing his glasses by twirling his wrist

Every time Jin goes to adjust his glasses, he moves his wrist in a specific way.

He does it every time. How adorable!

When a fan pointed out the habit to him, he admitted he didn’t even realize he was doing it.

2. Instantly becoming serious

You won’t catch Jin slipping!

Every time he’s caught with a big smile on his face on camera, he immediately puts on a serious look.

He can try to be cool all he wants…

…but ARMYs know the truth!

3. Labeling his phone

Jin is always writing his name on his clear phone cases.

| BigHit Entertainment

It might seem like a weird habit, but it actually makes things very convenient for the staff when they hand their phones off to them before going on stage.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jin always does things to help out!

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4. Bringing plushies everywhere with him

If you know Jin, you know he’s a lover of all things cute.

Plushies are no exception!

He often receives them as gifts at fansigns.

He’s always caught at the airport with them, too!

5. Taking huge bites when he eats

As a certified foodie, Jin eats in the most delicious way.

He always takes big bites!

Like, huge bites.

He makes everything look so delicious.