5 Reviews From Non-Fans Who Have Seen BTS’s Jin In Real Life To Prove How Handsome He Is

If only we were this blessed.

Everyone knows how handsome BTS‘s Jin is. But how does he look in real life? If you’ve ever wondered, here are 5 reviews from non-fans that have been graced with his presence.

1. From a Wanna One fan

This was in 2018, at the Genie Music Awards. A Wannable had been sitting right behind BTS at that point of time, and she claimed that when Jin turned around to shush the fans, she got a close up look at him. His visuals were so powerful that her knees buckled.

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2. “The most manly”

Although Jin is known for his flawless skin and pretty-boy looks, this OP claims that he looks the most manly out of all the members. She also praised his pink-tinged, clear and bright skin.

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3. He made an impression

Jin made the largest impression on this OP, although she claims his visuals “weren’t her type”. While she always knew he was handsome, she didn’t see his appeal. That is, until she saw him in real life! She immediately claimed him as the most handsome celebrity she ever saw in real life. Jin looks better in real life as compared to in photos, according to her.

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4. So handsome he makes people go blank

His face was so small that OP could not see him from a distance at an awards show. However, when he approached, he looked a cold and chic. OP lost her words at how handsome he was!

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5. A part-time worker’s review

OP worked in the arcade that BTS did a filming at in 2017. According to OP, Jin was much taller than expected and as his face is small, he looks even taller. He was wearing a yellow hoodie but his shoulders looked like the Pacific Ocean and his skin was better than any girl’s!

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There you have it! If we ever get the privilege of seeing Jin in real life, we know we’ll be star-struck too.

Source: theqoo