BTS Jin’s Top 5 “Jin Hit” Moments Of 2022

This is the energy we’re bringing into 2023.

BTS‘s Jin lives by his own rules — no matter what the company says! Now that the unofficial “boss” of BIGHIT MUSIC is in the military, ARMYs are missing his rebellious energy. Here are 5 of Jin’s most leJindary “Jin Hit” moments in 2022!


1. Later, losers!

In March, Jin, J-HopeV, and Jungkook went live with their broadcast JwiJjwanBbooKkweoh. Toward the end of it, Jin started a game that decided who would go home and who would stay to end the broadcast.

When V lost, J-Hope and Jungkook left the room…and Jin left the building! You’d think that Jin’s antics wouldn’t surprise his members anymore, but V was shocked.

Did Jin regret ditching his best friends in the whole world? Absolutely not. “ARMY, I love you,” he said when J-Hope called him. “I have only ARMY in my heart.” 

2. Hierarchy or anarchy?

Earlier this year, the president of MapleStory‘s fan club became an employee at the game’s company, Nexon. As expected, at work Jin got away with much more than an ordinary newbie would.

Workplace hierarchies and formalities went out the window for this Worldwide Handsome intern because the staff couldn’t resist his charms.

After asking two high-level Nexon employees which level they were on in the game, Jin declared that they were like little brothers to him. He might have been an intern at work, but he was a master at MapleStory!

3. V’s meltdown

Poor V didn’t realize what he was about to get into when he posted this swoon-worthy photo of himself on Instagram.

BTS’s V | @thv/ Instagram

In the comments, Jin wrote, “A boyfriend POV picture,” like any heart-eyed ARMY would.

| @thv/ Instagram

Jin might not have intended to make V panic, but that’s exactly what happened! V replied with, “Don’t make fun of me, I’m sad,” indicating that he had wanted to express a melancholy mood, not a “date me” vibe.

| @thv/ Instagram

After deleting that comment, V wrote, “My picture failed because of you hyung. The picture seems way sadder now.

| @thv/ Instagram

Afterwards, he added, “My dream is (to be) a boyfriend picture maker.

| @thv/ Instagram

One last comment hinted at the end of this saga, “clean.” V deleted Jin’s comment and then deleted the entire post. Even so, it lives on in ARMY’s memory!

| @thv/ Instagram

4. The Power of ARMY

When it comes to games, Jin is one of BTS’s most competitive members. He isn’t above cheating or using secret weapons to win.


On Running Man, nobody wanted to be on the losing team (that would only win a lunchbox), but Jin really wasn’t having it!

He playfully threatened the staff with ARMY’s “power” to get his way!

Maybe I should write on my Instagram that the ‘Running Man’ staff were mean.

— Jin

5. Do your job!

As the self-proclaimed CEO of “Jin Hit Entertainment,” Jin is everybody’s boss, and he keeps his “employees” on their toes.

Jin | @ALittleBraver92/Twitter

During BTS’s  PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jin caught the translator slacking — and he let everyone know it by making this face. The translator was taking too long to catch up!

| @bangtanboops/Twitter 

Fans, of course, loved seeing “Jin Hit” in action again.

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