Here Are 10+ Stunning Fanarts Inspired By BTS Jin’s “Jirisan” OST “Yours”

We’ve got chills!

BTS‘s Jin has been making history with his first solo OST for tvN K-Drama Jirisan, “Yours.”

BTS’s Jin.

ARMYs fell in love with it the moment they first heard it. While the drama may have inspired the song, Jin’s original song has inspired ARMY to create art as beautiful as his vocals.

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So, here are 10+ fanarts inspired by Jin’s OST…

1. It’s the behind-the-scenes pic of Jin recording for us

2. ARMY are just too talented

3. All of his solos represented

4. Literal work of art

5. Jin solos are top tier

6. We’re going to need this as a pin

7. This deserves to be framed

8. Jin as K-Drama lead when?

9. This is so cute

10. Chills!

11. Dreamy, just like Jin

12. This is beyond perfect for the song

We never cease to be amazed by ARMYs’ talent!

Check out ARMY reactions to “Yours” below:

10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jin’s “Jirisan” OST “Yours” That Are Way Too Relatable

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