5 Times BTS’s Jin Looked Like A K-Drama Male Lead In A Chic And Cozy Scarf

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BTS‘s Jin and your classic male lead in a K-Drama have one thing in common: they dress well! And there’s nothing more swoon-worthy than when they wear sophisticated outfits complete with a cozy scarf.

With that in mind, here are five times Jin wore a scarf and looked just like he was filming a drama!

1. Boy Next Door

Taken several years ago, these pictures capture Jin looking like the perfect boy next door. His casual jacket and thick scarf can make you imagine him playing a student in a youth series.

2. Winter Fairy

Next, the “Dynamite” singer looked like a fairy on earth in these magical photos. Surrounded by snow and blue skies, it seems like he’s filming a scene where he and the female lead are enjoying a romantic date.

3. Blast To The Past

In contrast, Jin took on a completely different vibe with this retro outfit. He could be playing a character from a 90s film for all you know!

4. Flower Boy

His handsome visuals were highlighted in this cute outfit. The thin blue scarf was draped in such a chic and stylish way.

5. Boyfriend Material

Last but not the least, these pictures make Jin look like a boyfriend having a snow fight with his girlfriend. He is so dreamy.

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