10 Times BTS’s Jin Rocked The Perfect Boyfriend Look

He is 100% boyfriend material!

BTS‘s Jin is totally boyfriend material, and he definitely dresses the part!

BTS’s Jin | BTS/Weverse

The perfect boyfriend look is defined by netizens as the way they’d like their current or future boyfriend to dress. Jin is very stylish, and he’s rocked stylish boyfriend looks on many occasions.

Here are 10 of Jin’s best perfect boyfriend looks!

1. Jet-setting boyfriend

Even when he’s catching international flights, Jin’s style is impeccable!

2. Rock star boyfriend

This all-black outfit would be perfect for a boyfriend who favors an edgier style!

3. CEO boyfriend

Jin looks very expensive in this photo! His well-tailored suit exudes major CEO vibes.

4. Casual boyfriend

Jin pulls off casual looks just as well as he does formal ones!

5. Indie boyfriend

From the oversized sweater to the guitar, everything in this picture screams indie musician boyfriend!

6. Studious boyfriend

He looks like a boyfriend who’s getting some studying done in the library!

7. Grocery shopping boyfriend

Although Jin doesn’t look thrilled to be at the grocery store, he is rocking that stylish coat!

8. Broad-shouldered boyfriend

This casual T-shirt and jeans look shows off Jin’s broad shoulders really well!

9. Gamer boyfriend

Even when he’s relaxing by playing video games, Jin gives off major boyfriend vibes!

10. Pink boyfriend

Jin looks amazing in pink, and there’s something very satisfying about his matching hat and shirt!