BTS’s Jin Found A Hilarious Way Of Curing His Quarantine Frustrations, And He Had To Share It With ARMYs

Each person has their own ways of dealing with boredom!

After performing four nights of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour at SoFi stadium in LA, five BTS members recently returned to Korea to enjoy their extended vacation break.

However, due to COVID restrictions, the members all have to quarantine for ten days after returning, and it has meant that the group will also miss out on the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Members of BTS in LA | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

For anyone who has had to quarantine either at home or in a hotel room, they will know that it can get extremely lonely and tiring being in one place for so long without seeing anyone in person for that time.

One person who has recently felt the effects of quarantine and has been sharing their experiences is BTS’s oldest member Jin!

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On December 9 (KST), three days after he returned to Korea with members Jungkook and Jimin, Jin took to social media and shared his experiences of quarantine.

On his newly created Instagram account, Jin shared a picture of some food he was eating and captioned it, “I’m really bored…” ARMYs shared their sympathy with Jin but also praised how delicious the beef fried rice with egg and topped with dried seaweed looked.

| @jin/ Instagram

Even though the members have become slightly obsessed with Instagram, Jin didn’t forget about trusty Weverse and updated fans a few hours later on his account.

In his latest post, he shared, “Is this really a vacation?!!!!!!” with several exclamation marks. Many believed he was talking about the fact that, despite being on vacation, Jin wasn’t able to do anything he wanted because he was confined to a room to quarantine.

| Weverse

After that, he commented under the same post that he was just letting out some anger at the situation and then surprised fans when he added nonchalantly, “Now that I’ve let out my anger, I’m off to do the dishes.

| Weverse

When Jin shared the updates, ARMYs sent their good wishes and messages to him in the hope that it would make him less lonely.

Even though it is vital to help stop the spread of COVID, it doesn’t make the experiences any easier. It can be tough to be alone, especially considering he is used to having the other members around him all of the time.

Jin still has around a week left in quarantine, but, hopefully, he can enjoy the rest of his vacation with his family and the members once they finish their time in isolation.

Source: @jin and @weverse