10 Moments That Actually Show BTS Jin’s True Personality

#9 is so sweet. 🥺

Often praised for his kind personality, BTS‘s Jin is always helping his members, loving his fans, and taking care of everyone around him. Check out 10 times he showed his true self below!

1. Giving J-Hope his RJ plushie when he was sick

Jin was so concerned for him and the kind gesture shows how much he wishes he could help!

2. Pushing Jungkook’s wheelchair when he was injured

There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his little “brothers!”

3. His deep talks with Suga

The two have such different mindsets and are able to help each other overcome their weaknesses.

4. When he shared his pride for his Korean heritage

Proudly wearing traditional hanbok during “Idol” was one of his favorite moments!

5. Giving V the chance to do his interview after the GRAMMYs

The show might have ended, but Jin was there to make him feel better!

6. Immediately helping the staff fix the stage with Jungkook

They are always ready to help out.

7. Making sure Jimin was safe while riding ATVs

He takes such good care of everyone in his life.

8. Being called the funniest by many of the members

Jin’s positive energy and hilarious jokes make him an energizing and uplifting person to be around.

9. Respecting a Muslim ARMY’s boundaries during a fansign

He treats his fans like royalty.

10. His humble reaction to J-Hope’s praise

This shows just how selfless Jin truly is!