BTS’s Jin Wants To Start A YouTube Channel — Here Are 7 Things ARMY Want To See From Him

Ready for YouTuber Kim Seokjin! 👏

During BTS‘s latest livestream, Jin revealed he was thinking of creating a YouTube channel. Using the name “Have a drink?,” ARMY immediately brainstormed the possibilities for this channel where Jin would chat and drink with guests. However, that’s just one of many things his channel could include! Check out some of the best ideas we’d love to see from his channel below.

1. As the title suggests, “Have a drink”

This one may be obvious, but the possibilities are truly endless! From bringing on people like his fellow members to celebrity guests, every episode would provide fun and new content.

2. Give ARMY some cooking lessons with his favorite recipes

Old school ARMY remember that in the past, Jin loved posting his recipes on BTS’s official blog. He can bring back some of his personal favorites in video form to give fans in-depth tutorials on how to craft the perfect meal.

3. Vlog his tennis practice sessions

Jin loves being active and ARMY want to see what he’s currently playing. From tennis to snowboarding, you can always catch Jin outside — All we need is some cool vlog footage!

4. Become a “Let’s Play” YouTuber and show off his video game skills

If you’re a gamer, then watching Jin play some of your favorite games would a dream come true. Whether he’s rehashing the oldies or playing the newest viral game, he has tons of options to pick from.

5. Bring back the famous “Eat Jin” mukbang episodes

Is there any greater happiness than watching a BTS member eat to their heart’s content? You can nom along with Jin or just watch him deliciously enjoy his food — The choice is yours!

6. Show exactly what kinds of struggles happen on a fishing trip

Fans would love to follow Jin on a fishing trip, and maybe there would be some surprise appearances from his members!

7. Have a relaxing piano session on camera

If you need to study or focus, Jin’s livestream jam sessions would make the perfect background music.