10+ Of BTS Jin, Suga, And Jimin’s Best Moves From Their Dance Party

You can bust out these moves on the dance floor…of your house.

On April 27, BTS‘s JinSuga, and Jimin had a live dance party with ARMY. In it, they danced along to Camila Cabello‘s “Havana”, Pharrell Williams‘s “Happy”,  Daddy Yankee‘s “Con Calma”, and more. Here are 10+ of their best moves!

1. Suga’s “Havana” hip wiggles…

2. …and his saucy “I loved him when I left him” gestures

3. Jimin nailing every beat of this “Happy” dance

4. Swaying their hips like “oh na na na na”… 

5. …and this beautifully unsynchronized wave

6. Feeling that Latin groove

7. Same arm swings, three totally different vibes

8. All aboard the party train!

9. Jimin feeling himself as only Jimin can

10. Jin having the time of his life

11. When the DJ says, “put your hands up”…

12. …but Suga says, “I do what I want.”