13 Unedited Photos Showing What BTS’s Jin Actually Looks Like IRL

#3 feels like you’re seeing him in person. 😍

BTS‘s Jin is so stunning, that he doesn’t need an ounce of editing to look flawless. Check out some of most gorgeous unedited photos taken by fansites below!

1. Even the details of his skin are perfect.

2. He really lives up to his nickname as “Worldwide Handsome.”

3. Only the luckiest ARMY have been able to see Jin up close!

4. He doesn’t need makeup, but when he wears it, he transforms into a porcelain doll.

5. Even with sweat dripping down his face, he’s a visual.

6. Have you ever seen someone so perfect before?

7. Yes, these photos are actually unedited!

8. He’s totally boyfriend material.

9. Jin’s youthful glowing skin never changes.

10. The only explanation…

11. …is that he might be a vampire!

12. Jin’s complexion is skincare goals.

13. He looks just as good in real life as he does on a screen — and even better!


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