15 Weird Facts About BTS’s Jin That Only ARMYs Know

Only the most LeJINdary fans know these facts.

Many basic Jin facts can be found online and in magazines, but nobody knows him quite like BTS fans do. Here are 15 weird Jin facts that only ARMYs know!


1. In a staring contest, he can avoid blinking for over 5 minutes…


2. …but he usually blinks excessively because of his contacts/dry eyes


3. He gets aggressively clingy when drunk

I’m a cutie. Even when I’m sober, I tend to be clingy with my members. But it gets even more aggressive when I drink. My aegyo gets more powerful.

 – Jin

4. He has hypermobile fingers…


5. …and freakishly dexterous toes


6. Jin is all about glasses. One pair of glasses is never, ever enough for him…


7. …and this is how he adjusts them


8. This is his party trick


9. He takes gigantic bites when he eats…


10. …and he chews just like an alpaca (Shout out to RJ!)


11. He laughs like a windshield wiper


12. He’s the Prince of Pouts


13. He makes the cutest noises while eating


14. He screams like this when he’s scared


15. He rants faster than a speeding train


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