15 Weird Jungkook Facts That Only ARMYs Know

True Jungkook fans know more than just the basics.

The more popular BTS gets, the more the public wants to know about them. These days, many basic Jungkook facts can be found online and in magazines, but nobody knows him quite like his fans do. Here are 15 weird Jungkook facts that only ARMYs know!


1. There’s a 99.9% chance that he’s learning English slang from Twitter


2. He used to touch his hyungs’ butts to calm his nerves


3. He’s a pro at dodging dating questions

I know her face, but I don’t know her name.

— Jungkook


4. Friendship means nothing when he wants to win a game


5. He gets deja vu dreams about the future


6. He will eat anything he’s not supposed to eat


7. He will also eat everything his members were supposed to eat


8. He’s not drunk; he’s buffering


9. When he is drunk, his diet plans go out the window


10. He can fit a whole fan in his mouth


11. He doesn’t laugh. He cackles.

12. He sniffs everything, including people


13. He can fall asleep anywhere…


14. …and sometimes only a nipple pinch can wake him up


15. “Normal”? Whatever that is, he ain’t it!


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